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Preparing for My Dream Home

My husband and I have spent a lot of time consulting with an architect. After living in our cramped, starter home for the past 11 years, we were finally ready to make some needed changes to it. We have added an extra 600 square feet of space onto our house. Before the construction began, we finalized the plans for our new heating and air conditioning unit with our HVAC contractor. Because our home was going to be substantially bigger than it is now, we purchased a larger HVAC system. We also installed a new, digital thermostat inside my home. On this blog, I hope you will discover the best types of HVAC units to buy for mid-size homes. Enjoy!


Preparing for My Dream Home

    Mastering the Mechanics: A Guide to Air Conditioning

    Air conditioning systems, often taken for granted during the sweltering summer months, are complex pieces of machinery that require a fair bit of understanding. This article delves into the intricate world of air conditioning, shedding light on how these systems work, their benefits, and essential maintenance tips. The Science Behind Air Conditioning At its heart, an air conditioner is a heat exchanger. It takes the warm air inside a space, removes the heat, and releases cooler air back into the room.

    Signs Your AC Unit's Compressor Needs Repair and How Professionals Can Help Fix It

    The compressor of your AC unit plays a vital role in maintaining a cool and comfortable home during the scorching summer months. It is an integral component for ensuring optimal cooling and overall performance. This component circulates refrigerant and pressurizes it to cool your home. However, like any mechanical component, the compressor can experience issues over time. This post discusses the signs that indicate your compressor may need repair and how a professional HVAC service can help fix it.

    A Guide To Air Conditioning Repair: Keeping Your Home Cool And Comfortable

    As the summer heat starts to rise, it's time to ensure that your air conditioner is running efficiently. After all, the last thing you want is to suffer through a hot, humid summer without any relief from the blazing sun. If your air conditioner shows signs of damage, don't wait for it to break down completely. Instead, take action and arrange for air conditioning repair. Discover the importance of air conditioning repair and the various steps you can take to keep your home cool and comfortable.

    Does Your Furnace Need Repairing? Common Signs To Watch Out For

    Many homeowners find solace in the gentle hum of their furnace during chilly evenings. However, like all appliances, a residential furnace isn't exempt from wear and tear. Recognizing its distress signals can prevent unforeseen malfunctions and hefty furnace repair costs. So, what should homeowners be alert to? This guide dives into the unmistakable signs indicating a furnace might need attention.   1. Unusual Noises While most furnaces maintain a consistent sound during operation, abrupt clangs, bangs, or a high-pitched whirring could spell trouble.

    Is Your Air Quality Poor And Electrical Bills High In The Summer? Get The AC Unit Inspected Today

    Rising electrical bills in the summer to keep the home cool can be a pain, especially if you feel like the air conditioning unit isn't working as well as it used to. If you have noticed a decline in function, and the unit hasn't been maintained in a long time, there are some things you can do to try to improve function. Here are some indications that the unit needs a tune-up and an inspection.

    Water Pressure Problems And Plumbing Repair Services

    You rely on your home's plumbing system to maintain adequate pressure for you to shower, wash dishes, and get your laundry done. In some cases, you need a pressure regulator or a pressure tank to ensure that your water pressure remains consistent. Fluctuations in your water pressure can cause problems with your plumbing system, so you may want to reach out to a plumbing repair contractor. Here are a few things that you should know.

    The A/C That Never Stops? 3 Important ThingsĀ For Homeowners To Know

    Residential air conditioning systems are designed to cycle on and then continue to run just long enough to keep the home's interior temperature at a constant level of cool comfort. Once the home is at the correct temperature, the system automatically shuts down and remains that way until the interior temperature rises and it is time to cycle the system on again. Occasionally, however, an A/C system will remain running for several minutes, hours, or even days without stopping and that is a big problem for homeowners.

    The Cost Of Delay: How Postponing Plumbing Repair Can Lead To More Problems

    When it comes to plumbing issues, many homeowners tend to put off repairs, either due to budget constraints or the belief that the problem is not significant. However, delaying plumbing repairs can have serious consequences and end up costing you more in the long run.  Escalation of Damage One of the major risks of delaying plumbing repair is the escalation of damage. Even a small leak or a minor clog can worsen over time, leading to more extensive and costly repairs.