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Preparing for My Dream Home

The A/C That Never Stops? 3 Important Things For Homeowners To Know

by Rita Richardson

Residential air conditioning systems are designed to cycle on and then continue to run just long enough to keep the home's interior temperature at a constant level of cool comfort. Once the home is at the correct temperature, the system automatically shuts down and remains that way until the interior temperature rises and it is time to cycle the system on again. Occasionally, however, an A/C system will remain running for several minutes, hours, or even days without stopping and that is a big problem for homeowners.

If the air conditioning system operates quietly, as a properly maintained one should, the homeowner may not notice that their system is running too long or perhaps failing to shut down at all. If you are just noticing that your A/C system is running continuously, here are three important things you need to expect.

Expect increased electricity bills  

An air conditioning system that is running constantly or staying on unnecessarily long during each cycle is using expensive energy to do so. Homeowners can expect to see significant increases in each successive electricity bill until the problem is corrected. 

Expect to shorten the lifespan of the system 

Like all appliances, air conditioning systems have a limited lifespan. If operational issues arise, such as cycling on too often or running for too long, the number of years the homeowner can expect to use the system may be reduced. If the A/C system is older or excessively worn, the amount of damage inflicted by extensive run times can cause increasingly expensive repair bills or the need to replace the system sooner than expected.  

Expect to see a lot more of the A/C repair person 

Homeowners who knowingly or unknowingly allow their home air conditioning systems to run without addressing the problem should also expect to see more of their A/C repair technician. The first visit from the service technician will be to deal with the coil, condenser, or fan problem that is causing the system to run too long. In the months after the cause of excessive running has been cured, homeowners may continue to see their repair technician to deal with worn belts, bearings or other moving parts that also experienced excessive wear when the system was allowed to run on and on.  

Homeowners who have concerns or questions this or other A/C system repair issues should consider contacting a reputable air conditioning repair contractor to have their system inspected as soon as possible.

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