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My husband and I have spent a lot of time consulting with an architect. After living in our cramped, starter home for the past 11 years, we were finally ready to make some needed changes to it. We have added an extra 600 square feet of space onto our house. Before the construction began, we finalized the plans for our new heating and air conditioning unit with our HVAC contractor. Because our home was going to be substantially bigger than it is now, we purchased a larger HVAC system. We also installed a new, digital thermostat inside my home. On this blog, I hope you will discover the best types of HVAC units to buy for mid-size homes. Enjoy!


Preparing for My Dream Home

The Benefits Of A Home Energy Audit

by Rita Richardson

Have your energy costs gone up in recent months but you aren't sure what is causing this increase? Do you have issues where it seems like one part of your house is consistently cooler or warmer than another section and you are just uncomfortable in certain rooms? It might be possible to solve issues like these with a home energy audit. Here's what a home energy audit is and how it can benefit you and your household.

Identify Potential Issues

A home energy audit usually involves hiring a professional energy auditor who will come to your home with a variety of tools and equipment that can be used to pinpoint potential issues with your home that are causing your household to be less energy efficient than it could be. The auditor might go hunting for the source of a draft or identify spots where you could use more insulation. You'll likely get a detailed report as a result of the audit and you can then plan a path forward for addressing the issues.

The Audit Will Pay For Itself

Yes, a home energy audit will of course cost you money but what you should be thinking about is how much money it could save you in the long haul. You may be able to identify spots where you can improve your insulation or figure out which appliances need to go in favor of more energy-efficient equipment. When it's all said and done, your energy costs as a family could be significantly lower than what they are right now. It will take some time but as the years go by, you'll make back the amount of money you put into the audit and any recommended changes to your house, eventually coming out ahead.

Improve Your Comfort Level

An energy audit could also identify issues with vents or air sealing. If your HVAC system never gets the cooled or heated air to a certain spot in your house, the audit can help you find and fix the issue and make every room in the house equally comfortable.

Improve Your Property Value

Once you figure out the issues going on in your house and get them fixed or addressed, you'll likely have a higher property value as a result. Your house will be more attractive to a potential future buyer if it has better insulation or more energy-efficient appliances. Contact a local provider of home energy audits to get started.