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Preparing for My Dream Home

4 Signs That Your Ductless AC System Needs Repair

by Rita Richardson

A properly functioning ductless AC system can deliver cool or warm air to a room without needing connective ductwork. It is a valuable addition to your home if you are looking for a much more energy-efficient system. 

But, sometimes, the AC system may not work as you expect. If you notice that your house is not as conditioned as it was before, the problem probably stems from the ductless AC system. So, how can you tell that the system needs AC repair? Read on to find out.

1. Strange Noises Coming From the Unit 

Faulty ductless AC systems tend to produce strange noises when operating. If you notice that the unit is making a shrieking noise, it suggests that the fan motor is defective. The sound may also come from a broken motor in the unit's condenser system.

A squealing or screeching sound from your AC unit may suggest a faulty blower fan motor. Other unpleasant, sudden noises to watch out for include banging and grinding. If this happens, switch off the system immediately and contact an AC repair service for assistance. 

2. Energy Bills Steadily Going Up

Ductless AC units are more energy efficient compared to forced-air systems. They do not waste energy in ducts (which they do not have) while keeping a home warm or cool.

However, if your energy bills suddenly go up in summer, you may want to check the AC unit. An AC unit that leaks refrigerant or has refrigerant-related problems will not work efficiently. It will consume more energy to keep your property warm or cool, causing sudden energy bill increases.

3. The Unit Is No Longer Giving Out Cool Air

A refrigerant leak or an electrical malfunction in your ductless AC unit can make it fail to provide you with cool air. The problem can also stem from an internal malfunctioning AC component. You should contact an AC repair technician when you spot this problem.

4. Blower Fan Will Not Start or Shut Off

It is unusual for the blower fan to fail to start when your AC is on. The same applies to the fan failing to stop when you shut off the unit. 

Your blower fans may fail due to wiring or electrical issues in the ductless AC system. They may also stop working due to thermal overload in the system. An AC repair professional can mend the loose wiring and fix the electrical issues to get the fans up and running.

Contact a local AC repair service to learn more.