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Preparing for My Dream Home

Toilet Issues That Plumbers Can Easily Fix for Homeowners

by Rita Richardson

Your home probably has a couple of toilets and it's important that they work great each day. If you ever come into the following problems with them, you can hire a professional plumber and rest assured that the right repair services will be performed quickly.

Severe Clogs

For severe clogs that develop in your toilet, you probably won't have success alleviating them on your own. You need something strong to break up whatever is bundled up deep inside your piping. A plumber can provide strong clog removal methods that protect integral plumbing systems around your home.

First, the plumber will assess the severity and location of the clog so that they use the right removal techniques and resources. Oftentimes, hydro-jetting is reserved for severe clogs because pressurized water can reach deep within your plumbing system. 

Sweaty Toilets

There are some toilets that can start to leak over time and that's not ideal because it can cause water damage around the surrounding floor if unchecked. If this is currently happening with your toilet, then you should hire a plumber so that the right adjustments can be made to fix this problem before long.

What they'll often do is insulate your toilet. That saves you from having to purchase a completely brand-new toilet and thus waste money. They'll insulate the right areas so that your toilet remains completely dry on the outside, regardless of what type of climate your property is located around.

Damaged Flappers

If the flapper on the inside of your toilet is damaged, then your toilet can run constantly. That's going to drive up your water bills and cause you a lot of stress. If this component is damaged or not closing the way it needs to, you can hire a plumber to take care of this complication with ease.

Plumbers work with flappers all the time and they can fix a lot of complications with them, including cracks, missing sections, and alignment issues. If your flapper issue can't be resolved with a repair, the plumber can usually suggest a replacement and ensure it fits perfectly over the opening that lets water drain from the lid portion. 

If you ever have a difficult time with your toilet — whether it's a leak or a damaged part — you should consider hiring a plumbing service that works with plumbing systems all the time. They can find a solution and ensure it holds up for a while.