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Preparing for My Dream Home

What Happens If You Delay AC Repairs?

by Rita Richardson

A cooled home is one of the comforts afforded by an air conditioner in hot and humid climates. If you notice your AC isn't working efficiently, consult a technician. Here are the consequences of delaying air conditioner repairs.

Humidity Can Lead to Mold Growth

A malfunctioning AC promotes high humidity levels. The humidity will cause mold to grow. This means you will have to foot the cost of AC repairs and also mold remediation.

Air conditioners take away heat and moisture from your home. Excessive humidity levels cause your AC to work harder than usual. Some signs of high humidity levels include a musty scent, misty windows, and moist air. If your AC doesn't have enough cooling capacity, it will not be able to handle extreme humidity. 

High Energy Bills

One of the consequences of an air conditioner not functioning correctly is high energy bills. You will notice that your AC will run for a long time during the day. You pay more to cool your home with a malfunctioning AC than with one in good condition. Therefore, repairing minor AC issues saves you the cost of high energy bills.

Premature Breakdown

Many homeowners ignore menial problems because the AC is still running. Issues such as a refrigerant leak, unusual noise, fan problems, and dirty condenser coils will cost you a fortune. 

Fixing these minor issues keeps your machine healthy. As a result, you will extend your AC's longevity. The average portable AC goes up to 10 years, while a central AC system can last for 25 years or more. If your AC isn't inspected regularly, you risk an unexpected breakdown. Eventually, you will have to replace your AC prematurely.

Poor Air Quality

When you fail to call an AC technician for repairs, you expose your machine to dust. This will decrease the quality of air in your house. The accumulating dirt eventually causes poor quality air that affects people with asthma and allergies.

The common contaminants that your family will be exposed to include dust, mildew, bacteria, animal dander, and pollen. When the system remains unmaintained for a long time, your vents will be clogged, and mold will start to grow.

As a homeowner, an AC is one of your most valued assets. Ensure you research the signs of a malfunctioning AC and what they mean. AC repairs are critical if you want to ensure the longevity of your system. Regular inspections and maintenance of your AC don't only save you from high repair costs but also ensure your system doesn't break down unexpectedly. 

For more information on AC repair, contact a professional near you.