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Preparing for My Dream Home

Times You May Need To Call A Furnace Repair Company For Help With A Furnace Malfunction

by Rita Richardson

Even if you keep up with regular maintenance, your furnace might need repairs as it ages. Some parts tend to wear out faster than others, so malfunctions can happen. It's important to know when your furnace is struggling so you can call a furnace repair company right away and avoid damaging your equipment. Here are a few signs you might need furnace repairs.

The Blower Works Intermittently

The blower should start up and blow consistently for several minutes and then shut down. If you notice the blower shutting down too soon or working intermittently, that could be a sign of problems with the parts. The motor or capacitor might be malfunctioning.

There could also be a problem that's causing the limit switch to shut the furnace down. This problem needs to be checked by a furnace repair technician. They might check the furnace error codes and start testing the parts to find out what's wrong so the problem can be fixed.

The Gas Burners Are Noisy

If your furnace starts to sound different when the burners ignite, you may want to call a furnace repair company for advice. If the burners make a rumbling noise, that could indicate they're struggling to ignite properly. They might even make a small booming noise when they ignite, and this indicates that gas is collecting in the combustion area before the burners ignite.

These problems can often be avoided by keeping the combustion area clean. Your repair technician may need to clean the burners and other parts in the combustion area so gas can get to the burners and ignite properly. This prevents damage to your equipment and keeps your furnace safe to operate.

Water Is Leaking Around The Furnace

Water leaking from your furnace isn't a good thing because mold might start growing or your floor might get water damage. If you have a high-efficiency furnace, the leak might be due to condensation. It's normal for a high-efficiency furnace to create condensation, and your furnace should have a drainage system in place to deal with the water. If the drain gets clogged, the water may back up and leak on the floor near the furnace.

The furnace repair technician can clear the clog and solve the problem. If the issue isn't with the condensation drain, the problem might be with a humidifier system that's in your ducts. If the humidifier isn't working right, or if the plumbing it's hooked up to is leaking, then water may accumulate around the furnace and lead to the need for repairs.