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Preparing for My Dream Home

Broken Furnace Repair: Do You Need A New Belt?

by Rita Richardson

If you hear a loud squealing sound coming from your furnace, check the appliance's belt immediately. Your furnace may have a frayed, loose, or seriously damaged blower fan belt. Learn more about blower fan belts and why you should repair your furnace's belt below.

What Should You Know About Blower Fan Belts?

The blower fan circulates heated air throughout your furnace. But in order for the blower fan to work properly, it must use a special belt. If the belt suddenly breaks, it can damage the blower fan and every part connected to it.

The belt uses special devices called pulleys to connect the blower fan to the blower motor. The pulleys keep the belt in place as the motor spins. However, the tension and stress on the belt can fray it over time. The frayed belt will slowly loosen up and move away from the pulleys. The movement will cause the belt to squeal when you switch on your furnace. 

You can do one or two things about your ailing blower fan belt. You can try to remove and replace the belt yourself, or you can take the safer route and call a heater repair contractor for help instead.

What Will a Contractor Do to Assist You?

Although blower belts can become noisy as they age and deteriorate, belts can also squeal if something goes wrong with the blower motor and fan (blower assembly). Both the motor and fan can become outdated and require replacements. The blower pulleys can also become noisy if they move out of alignment within the furnace. 

The first thing a contractor may do is check the condition of the blower belt. If the belt is loose, frayed, or overall damaged, a contractor will replace it. A new belt should solve the problem with your blower motor and fan. 

If the belt is in good condition, a contractor will realign the pulleys. A contractor will replace the pulleys if they contain spots of rust or other telltale signs of age. Corroded pulleys may crack and damage the motor and fan in the future.

If all of the blower components or parts in your furnace show signs of damage or old age, it may be a good idea to purchase and install a new heating system in your home. The new system may be more cost-effective for you in the long run.

If you need help with your squealing furnace, contact a heater repair service.