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Preparing for My Dream Home

Signs That A New Furnace Installation Is Needed

by Rita Richardson

Do you have small children? If so, you likely want the best for them and want to ensure that they are safe. This means ensuring that your home environment is safe. Some homeowners neglect their furnaces by skipping routine maintenance. Sometimes the oversight is a matter of not realizing that unsafe conditions exist. If you have a gas furnace in your home, you will need to pay close attention to your furnace and its upkeep. Your furnace is like other appliances in your home. They can last for many years with proper maintenance, but at some point, you will need to get another furnace installed. The following points will help you identify signs when a new furnace is needed.

Noisy Operation

Furnaces are supposed to operate quietly. If your furnace starts producing strange noises, it is important to get it inspected. The noises that are commonly heard are rattling, banging, squealing, popping, clicking, humming, and booming. These sounds may mean that it is time to get a furnace replacement. A furnace installer can inspect your furnace and determine where the sounds are coming from. If you have an older furnace, they might recommend having a new furnace installed instead of opting for repair.

Presence of Soot at Registers

The presence of soot around registers is indicative that there is a carbon monoxide issue present. It is a good idea to routinely check your furnace register for the presence of soot and have it inspected if you see it. Soot in this area is a telltale sign of a furnace that is on the brink of failing. This makes it sensible to proceed with planning a new furnace installation.

Yellow Flames

The flames in properly working furnaces are blue. Yellow flames are indicative of serious issues pertaining to proper combustion. Carbon monoxide or gas leaks may be present within the furnace or heating system. Both of these are dangerous and there is a risk for a furnace fire or explosion. This should be treated as an emergency situation, especially if you smell gas. 


The older that a furnace gets, the more likely it is to lose its efficiency. Aged furnaces might also start exhibiting issues that require frequent repairs. 

A furnace installer is a good resource to use to learn more about replacing your furnace. They can help you identify whether your furnace has reached the end of its lifecycle. If your furnace is costing you a lot of money due to frequent repairs, it is sensible to opt for a new furnace installation. You might even save money because the new furnace will have a warranty. Contact a furnace installation service to learn more.