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Preparing for My Dream Home

AC Repair: Signs You Need AC Fan Motor Repair

by Rita Richardson

Investing in an energy-efficient air conditioning unit offers your home adequate comfort and relaxation. This means you can enjoy high-quality standards of living indoors when the temperatures spike. However, you'll need a skilled AC repair technician to restore your unit to its optimal status if a critical component malfunctions.

The AC fan motor is one part that keeps your AC system operating when you need cool air the most. If the fan motor is knocked out, you can experience extremely hot conditions. If you check the fan blades, and they're not turning, you must call an AC repair professional to repair the faulty fan motor.

As a homeowner, you must know several fan motor issues that require the quick services of a top HVAC repair technician.

The Fans Won't Run When You Switch On the AC 

Your AC unit requires quick repairs if you switch the AC system and the fans fail to start. The failed fan motor can trigger bigger problems like freezing the evaporator coils. This means more costly problems or entire AC system failure. You'll need to contact a reliable HVAC repair specialist to address the faulty motor. They can diagnose tripped circuits and try to run the motor manually. If the AC system has been dormant, a technician can check for debris or stuck objects that could be obstructing the fan blades.

The Fan Keeps Running After Switching the AC Off

Don't be surprised to find that your fan blades keep running after you switch off the entire AC unit. This indicates a problem with the AC thermostat. An AC repair technician can inspect your thermostat and repair it where necessary. 

If the issue isn't the thermostat, it could be a malfunctioning relay switch. The AC unit relies on the relay to operate the electric power within the AC system. If the relay switch gets stuck, the electric current keeps running, meaning the fan will keep running. A reliable repair technician will fix such a fault and restore normal AC operation.

Rattling or Buzzing Condenser Noises

Your air conditioner will produce noises for various reasons. If there are rattling noises, it could be foreign objects stuck in the condensing unit. If the fan blades strike the fan's housing, it can cause strange noises. If your AC repair specialist realizes that the fan blades are well aligned, the noise could be caused by a defective fan motor that is about to fail. The HVAC technician can repair the motor or advise you accordingly.

Contact an AC repair service for more information.