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My husband and I have spent a lot of time consulting with an architect. After living in our cramped, starter home for the past 11 years, we were finally ready to make some needed changes to it. We have added an extra 600 square feet of space onto our house. Before the construction began, we finalized the plans for our new heating and air conditioning unit with our HVAC contractor. Because our home was going to be substantially bigger than it is now, we purchased a larger HVAC system. We also installed a new, digital thermostat inside my home. On this blog, I hope you will discover the best types of HVAC units to buy for mid-size homes. Enjoy!


Preparing for My Dream Home

Air Conditioning Solutions To Provide Your Home With An Efficient Makeover And Alternative AC

by Rita Richardson

If your home air conditioning is outdated, it may be time to have it replaced. Some of the technology that is available today can also make your home more efficient. Rather than installing a conventional HVAC system, you may want to consider alternative solutions like heat pump ACs, evaporative coolers, or compact ducts. The following AC alternatives are some of the solutions that you will want to consider for your home:

Evaporative cooling solutions with hybrid AC

One of the options that you may want to consider is an evaporative cooler, which is a great option if you lie in a warmer climate. These systems use water evaporation as the energy source to cool your home. The following evaporative cooler solutions may be the right choice for the cooling needs of your home:

  • Efficient evaporative cooling tower systems
  • Smaller hybrid systems combined with conventional AC
  • Conventional evaporative coolers for dry climates

With an evaporative cooler solution, you will be able to keep your home cool next summer for a lot less.

Compact duct solutions for existing homes with no AC

Compact duct systems are some of the most efficient solutions that you may want to install in your home. These systems are designed for existing homes and can be used to provide efficient cooling without major renovations. But, what are some of the options when installing a high-velocity system in your home?

  • Heat pumps systems for heating and cooling
  • Inconspicuous vents that match the interior design
  • Compact ductwork that does not require major renovations

These are some of the options you will want to consider for installing a compact duct HVAC system for your home. The installation of a ductless system can be a quick solution to get AC installed in your home before next summer. 

Ductless HVAC for your home's heating and cooling needs

The ductless HVAC systems can also be a great idea for your home's air conditioning. There are a lot of options for efficient ductless HVAC systems, which include:

  • Single units that provide basic cooling
  • Split systems for a zoned air conditioning design
  • Heat pump systems for cooling and heating solutions

These ductless HVAC solutions can give your home efficient AC before next summer.

When you want to get the most from your HVAC, these air conditioning solutions can be great alternatives to conventional systems. Call an air conditioning company and ask them about some of these solutions for your home's new AC.