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Preparing for My Dream Home

Having Problems With Your Commercial Property Breaker Box Blowing Fuses? Get Help And Adress These Things Now

by Rita Richardson

It can be difficult to run a business efficiently if the breaker box for your commercial property is constantly blowing fuses and needing attention or repairs. If this is happening to you, it's important to contact a licensed commercial electrician right away to get the unit the attention it needs.

Not only may it be time for an improvement for the breaker box, but it may also be time for some energy-efficiency improvements. Here are some of the things you want to do to lower your energy bills and quit worrying about electrical complications.

Electrical Efficiency Audit

You need to schedule an electrical efficiency audit with the commercial electrical company so you can see where you are wasting the most energy. This could show you where there are faulty fixtures, outlets, and problematic appliances throughout the building and office space. Once this is done, they will give their recommendations on improvements for safety and energy conservation.

Some of the items that you can install to help with efficiency and preventing energy waste include:

  • Motion-sensing lighting
  • Energy-efficient lighting fixtures
  • Efficient bulbs
  • Exterior solar-powered choices

You will have to see what your electrician recommends, what is affordable to change in your space, and what it will all cost you.

Breaker Box Replacement

Investing in a new breaker box for your electrical system is not only a great safety improvement, but it will also have other benefits. The breaker can include a monitoring system to report if there is a sudden spike in energy usage, and your commercial property insurance provider may reduce your rate for this safety upgrade.

Appliance Upgrades

Some of the appliances for heating and cooling could be sucking up a lot of energy, along with the hot water tank. Talk with an HVAC contractor about possibly getting newer, more efficient options for the large property to see how you can save energy and improve heating and cooling efficiency.

The commercial electricians will look at the electrical components and demands throughout the space to decide what new unit you need or if you should consider having two separate units. Look at the estimate and put replacing the breaker box as a priority when considering electrical updates.

If your breaker box is always blowing fuses and you are trying to consume more energy than that box can provide throughout the workday, it's time to find out what you can do to improve the electrical components. Contact a company that offers commercial electrical services for more information.