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Preparing for My Dream Home

2 Signs Your Commercial Air Conditioning Unit Is Too Small For Your Business's Building

by Rita Richardson

If you own your business's building, you want to keep yourself, employees, and customers cool and comfortable during the heat of summer. However, you may have noticed that the air is not quite cool enough in certain areas. One problem that could cause this issue is that the unit itself is not large enough to cool the entire building. If you suspect this may be the case, look for the following signs.

1.  AC Unit Never Seems to Shut Off

One sign that your commercial AC unit is not big enough for your building is that it never seems to shut off. Every time you are in the area around the area, you can hear the compressor running. Or, you may notice that cold air is always coming from the vents.

If the unit never shuts off, it may be working too hard in its attempt to cool the entire building. Eventually, this continuous running will wear out the compressor, fan, and other parts of the air conditioner, which could lead to costly repairs.

However, there is a chance that the problem is caused by a faulty thermostat. You should have a commercial AC professional take a look at both the thermostat and the unit to determine which is causing the problem.

2.  Temperatures in the Rooms Are Not Consistent

Even if the air conditioner is running all of the time, another problem you may notice is that the temperatures in the rooms of the building are not consistent. You may step into one room and find that it is too cold, only to walk into another room and sweat. 

If this is the case, look at the locations of the rooms relative to the air conditioner. Typically, if the unit is too small for the building, the rooms closest to it will be very cold because the air conditioner is able to force air to these areas. However, as the rooms become further away, they will be warmer since the unit does not have the power and capacity to push the air that far.

However, this problem could also be caused by a failing fan motor. An HVAC service can let you know for certain.

If your commercial AC unit is too small for your building, it will never consistently keep the air cool and will drive up your energy bills. However, the problem could be caused by a malfunctioning unit. To be sure, contact a commercial AC service to have them inspect the unit and determine whether the unit can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced with a larger model.