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Preparing for My Dream Home

3 Common Furnace Problems And Ways To Troubleshoot Them For Homeowners

by Rita Richardson

The furnace is one of the more important appliances in your home, especially when temperatures begin to drop. When it malfunctions, you need to know how to respond so that you can keep heating your home. Here are three common problems you may experience with your furnace and ways to handle them. 

Dirty Air Filter 

When the air filter gets dirty, it can no longer keep dirt and other particles from reaching your furnace's system. You need to change a dirty filter before irreversible damage and overheating issues occur, which aren't always cheap to fix.

Take the filter out of its housing unit and inspect both sides for dirt, debris, and other residues. If both sides are completely dirty to where no light can pass through, you'll need to find a new filter. When choosing a replacement, be sure to look on the old filter to see what its dimensions were.

Frequent Cycling 

A normal working furnace should not constantly cycle on and off. If yours is, something is preventing the furnace from working at an optimal rate. You need to address this issue as quickly as possible before your energy costs skyrocket.

There are several causes of frequent cycling, such as dirty air filters and faulty thermostats. Most of the time, though, it has to do with improper air flow. The ducts that your furnace sends heat through may be too dirty, thus preventing heat from effectively getting inside your home. To solve this problem, you'll want to hire a professional duct cleaning company. They'll clean these ducts safely and quickly.

Faulty Thermostat 

Sometimes the problem doesn't involve your furnace at all, but instead the thermostat. It may be faulty and thus no longer able to send signals to your furnace to turn on. Troubleshooting this issue can be somewhat dangerous, which is why you should just hire an experienced HVAC technician. 

When the HVAC technician comes out, they'll run a series of tests to see if your thermostat is indeed faulty. These tests may just show that the unit was re-wired incorrectly when it was first installed. If their inspection does indicate that your home needs a new thermostat, they can recommend particular models for the most energy savings. They'll also take care of the installation for a one-time fee.

No matter what type of furnace is equipped in your home, you'll experience problems with it at some point. However, they don't have to greatly impact your life if you know how to tackle them head-on in advance. 

If you find that you need help diagnosing or repairing a heating problem, contact heating repair services in your area.