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Preparing for My Dream Home

How Air Duct Issues Can Affect HVAC Operations

by Rita Richardson

The ductwork is an important part of the AC system, and its failure can lead to serious cooling problems. After all, your AC's operation is based on the efficient circulation and delivery of cool air to the relevant rooms. Therefore, you may have ductwork-related cooling problems if:

The Air Duct Was Improperly Designed

An improperly designed air duct will interfere with the comfort of your home because it will not be delivering air to the targeted rooms. Now, this isn't usually a problem for ductwork designed and installed by professional contractors. However, a DIY ductwork design and installation, for example, on a house extension, can easily go awry. This may be the cause, for example, if the ductwork is smaller than it should be and it cannot deliver the required volume of air.

There Is a Disconnected Air Duct Joint

If your ductwork has been in operation for a long time, then it's possible for the accumulated effects of wear and tear (such as the temperature-related expansions and contractions) to loosen some of the joints. In some cases, the joints can even develop gaps that leak air from the ducts. The result can be various cooling issues, such as uneven or inadequate cooling, as well as energy inefficiency.

There Are Cracks and Holes in the Air Duct

For a really old house, it's not unheard of for cracks and holes to develop on the ductwork body. This may be the case, for example, if the ductwork material has been corroded by a hidden water leak or a leaking roof. Over time, the rusted sections of the ductwork may crumble and allow air to leak, leading to the same cooling problems as those caused by disconnected joints.

The Insulation around the Air Duct Is Damaged                                                 

Air ducts should be insulated so that they don't lose heat or get overheated because that would affect the comfort of your home. For example, if the AC cools the air to 78°F and the ductwork isn't insulated, the air may pick up some extra degrees as it moves along the ductwork, making your rooms warmer than they should be.

There Is Blockage in the Air Duct

Lastly, blockage in the ductwork may also affect the cooling efficiency in your home by reducing air circulation in the house. This may be the case, for example, if there is accumulated debris within the ductwork or a rodent has found its way into the ductwork.

Contact an AC repair technician if you are experiencing cooling problems.