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My husband and I have spent a lot of time consulting with an architect. After living in our cramped, starter home for the past 11 years, we were finally ready to make some needed changes to it. We have added an extra 600 square feet of space onto our house. Before the construction began, we finalized the plans for our new heating and air conditioning unit with our HVAC contractor. Because our home was going to be substantially bigger than it is now, we purchased a larger HVAC system. We also installed a new, digital thermostat inside my home. On this blog, I hope you will discover the best types of HVAC units to buy for mid-size homes. Enjoy!


Preparing for My Dream Home

Want To Save Money On Heating And Air Conditioning Replacement? 3 Options To Explore

by Rita Richardson

For most Americans, summer is an activity-packed season. During this time, the average household often plans outings to the beach or amusement park, packs the kids off to camp, shops for school clothes, and tries to be an entertaining host to a variety of visiting friends and relatives. In addition to all of these activities, most homeowners also have a growing list of home improvement tasks that they want to accomplish.  

If one of the tasks on the to-do list involves the replacement of the home's HVAC system, the cost of the project may be the determining factor on whether the homeowner moves ahead with replacement or is instead forced to try and make their current system last one more year. If you are a homeowner who would like to replace your home's HVAC system this summer but find yourself hesitating due to the cost, these tips can help you save money and successfully move forward to get the job done. 

Look for sales on leftover models from the previous year.

The HVAC manufacturing industry makes improvements in their products every year, in much the same way that automobile manufacturers do. Because of this, homeowners may find that their local HVAC suppliers have new units left over from the last year's shipment. Since your local supplier may need to sell these leftover units to clear out space for the new units that will arrive later in the year, they may be willing to slash the price to do so. By contacting local HVAC dealers or contractors, homeowners may be able to purchase one of these unsold models from the previous year at a deep discount.

Check for applicable rebates and tax credits.

Energy companies and utility companies often offer attractive rebates or grants to help their customers replace their old heating and air conditioning equipment with new, improved models that use less energy. In addition, tax credits are often available for this type of home improvement. Homeowners who want to save as much money as possible when replacing their HVAC system should first search for current, applicable rebates and tax credits before beginning to shop. 

Consider gently used or repossessed units.

Purchasing used cars or appliances is a common practice for frugal families, so it makes sense to also consider purchasing a gently used or repossessed HVAC system. These can often be found through your local HVAC dealer or contractor, as well as through the classifieds or online sites. Before purchasing any used HVAC equipment, however, homeowners should always have the equipment inspected and tested by a trusted HVAC contractor.

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