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My husband and I have spent a lot of time consulting with an architect. After living in our cramped, starter home for the past 11 years, we were finally ready to make some needed changes to it. We have added an extra 600 square feet of space onto our house. Before the construction began, we finalized the plans for our new heating and air conditioning unit with our HVAC contractor. Because our home was going to be substantially bigger than it is now, we purchased a larger HVAC system. We also installed a new, digital thermostat inside my home. On this blog, I hope you will discover the best types of HVAC units to buy for mid-size homes. Enjoy!


Preparing for My Dream Home

Ready For Summer? 3 Reasons You Should Turn Your Air Conditioner Up A Few Degrees

by Rita Richardson

If you like to keep your air conditioner turned all the way down during the summer so that your home is nice and cold, you might want to turn it down. Not only will running your air conditioner non-stop cause premature wear and tear, it can also cause a variety of other unpleasant, and unexpected, problems. Now that summer is just about here, take a look at three reasons why you shouldn't use your air conditioner so much this summer.

You're Spending More Money on Your Energy Bill

One of the problems with running your air conditioner so much during the summer is that your energy bill will go up. Depending on where you live, and how much you use your air conditioner, that increase may be quite dramatic. Unfortunately, those elevated energy bills during the summer can really take a bite out of your budget. You can save on your energy bills by lowering the temperature on your thermostat a few degrees. Your home will still stay comfortable but you won't be spending so much on your utility costs.

You're Experiencing Unexplained Weight Gain

If you keep your home nice and cold during the summer, you may begin to notice some unexpected weight gain. One cause for that weight gain could be your air conditioner. You might not realize this, but when your home is cooler, you tend to snack more often. It's your bodies way of regulating your temperature, and warming you up. Not only that, but when you're cool and comfortable inside your air conditioned home, you might not exercise as often as you should, which will also affect your weight. Turning your air conditioner up just a few degrees will help get you up and moving so you can avoid the summer weight gain.

You're Getting Less Tolerant of the Heat

When you spend all day in an air conditioned home, it becomes harder to go outside in the heat. In fact, after a while you may notice that the heat affects you more than it used to. That's because your air conditioner is causing you to become less tolerant of the heat. Unfortunately, that can turn into a vicious cycle; you feel hotter when you're outside so you go in and turn the air conditioner down, which makes you even less tolerant of the summer heat.

Now that summer is just about here, it's time to start thinking about your air conditioner. You can give your air conditioner, your energy bill, and your health, a break by turning the thermostat up just a few degrees. Contact an air conditioner service for more help.