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Preparing for My Dream Home

3 Tips To Reduce Your Commercial Heating Costs

by Rita Richardson

As a business owner, you likely are always keeping a close eye on your expenses. If you own the building you do business out of, those expenses might also include things like your heating bill. While keeping your employees comfortable enough to do their jobs is clearly a necessity, that doesn't mean you should blindly keep paying the heating bill every month without taking a close look at the charges. If you would like to keep your commercial heating costs down, here are a few tips that might help.

Insulation Works for Businesses Too

If your heating bill at home goes up, you are likely to look around for a drafty window first before searching for other problems. The same concept applies at your workplace. Yes, having to make sure every window in the office is properly insulated could be an expensive project, but if you take care of it now, you will likely get that money back and then some in the form of a lower heating bill month after month.

Get a Zoning System Installed

If your current heating system runs off one thermostat, perhaps it's time to take a look at what some more advanced commercial heating systems can do. It is now possible to create different heating zones throughout your building, with a separate thermostat available for each section. This will allow you to lower the temperature in areas where you don't intend to be for an extended amount of time, like the warehouse or storage area in the back of the building.

Schedule an Annual Check-Up

Commercial heating systems are built to last, but they can accumulate wear and tear over time just like any other HVAC system. For best results, schedule an annual maintenance check-up for your entire HVAC system, either in the spring or the fall. That way, you can get the system checked out when it hopefully won't be too hot or too cold out, and your employees will not suffer if the system has to be down during a work day or two.

If you are trying to keep your company's heating costs down, look into possibly adding a zoning system that will let you set up different temperature levels throughout the building. With proper insulation and a regular maintenance check-up, you should be able to get your employees comfortably through the coming winter without driving up your utility expenses in the process. Contact a local commercial heating company like Robinson Heating & Cooling Inc today for more information.