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Preparing for My Dream Home

Why Fuel Delivery Services Are Better Than Fuel Cards

by Rita Richardson

Fuel cards can be a useful program to enroll in for commercial trucking companies. By owning a card, the driver can travel to one of several fueling stations to have his or her gas refilled. However, these fuel cards also have their disadvantages and there are many reasons why it may be better to use a fleet fuel delivery service.

More Savings

While there are some savings associated with fuel cards, there are also costs. For instance, there are labor costs as drivers travel to and from approved fueling stations. There may also be transaction fees and your drivers may lose their fuel cards, which can lead to replacement fees.

Fortunately, with some fuel cards, you may be able to pay for a fleet fuel delivery service. You may operate regionally or nationally, which may make fuel cards a necessity. Under these circumstances, you will be able to use your fuel card to consolidate both services.

Better Management Of Driver Habits Through Data Collection

One of the benefits of using fuel cards is that it is easier for management to understand the fuel use from truck to truck. However, all of this data then has to be analyzed by someone or your company is forced to implement a secondary system to track fuel usage. Fortunately, fleet fuel delivery services usually implement their own fuel tracking systems so that you can receive reports on how much fuel each of the trucks in your fleet is using.

Driver Retraining

Data can be analyzed to determine what changes can be made to the driver's routes to minimize fuel usage and to also reduce the impact that each truck has on the environment. The data gathered from the fuel delivery services can also be used to determine whether any drivers need retraining.

Ways Drivers Can Lower Fuel Costs

Drivers can be trained to reduce fuel costs by scrutinizing traffic and adjusting the speed of the truck. This reduces the number of gear changes that are needed, minimizing fuel usage. Drivers that follow the speed limit and that understand how to use their momentum to roll to a stop, rather than accelerating and braking excessively, can also reduce their fuel usage. While drivers can be trained to drive in more economical ways, some drivers fall into bad habits and need to be retrained. However, it is difficult to know this without the data gathered from fuel delivery services.

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