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Preparing for My Dream Home

Air Conditioning Care Can Help Ease Your Allergy Symptoms

by Rita Richardson

More than 50 million people suffer from allergies each year. While areas of sensitivity can include food, a substantial number of sufferers deal with adverse reactions to environmental elements like dust and tree pollen. Make your home a place of refuge by focusing on your air conditioning unit. The right type of filter and regular maintenance can help keep irritants out and keep you more comfortable.  

Focus On The Type Of Filter

To combat allergy symptoms, it's great to change your filter frequently, but it's more important to choose the right type of filter. As cool air passes through the A/C, unwanted particles get trapped in the filter, preventing them from circulating through your home. For the allergy sufferer, a basic level filter often isn't enough to do the trick. Residential options include flat panel, medium-efficiency, high-efficiency and HEPA filters. All of these filter options are assessed based on their ability to remove particles from the air.

On the lower end of the spectrum is the flat panel filter, which is also one of the most commonly used options. This filter style is designed with large holes that make it easy for small particles like dust and pollen to pass through. On the higher end is the HEPA, or High Efficiency Particulate Air filter. This filter style is designed with the smallest holes to keep the greatest number of irritants out the air. The fewer the particles able to pass through, the better the air quality.

Don't Neglect Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance isn't just important for the operating efficiency of your air conditioning unit. It also plays an important part in your level of allergen exposure. A maintenance suggestion some homeowners overlook is duct cleaning. Just from normal operation, it is not uncommon for dust to collect inside the ductwork. If you've had issues with condensation, you might even have some mold growth.

Since the air passes through the ducts after it passes through the filter, all of these particles end up circulating throughout your home. The only way to combat this is to have your ducts cleaned by a professional. There is no set time-frame by which you should have your ducts cleaned, as your local environment and type of air conditioning system you have play a part. It's best to work closely with a technician to determine which schedule is best for you.

Make sure an issue with your air conditioning unit isn't contributing to your allergy symptoms. Don't hesitate to contact a professional to see what changes you can make to help the allergy sufferer in your home. Contact a company like north georgia equipment heating and air.